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Since 1989 community contact with Crime Stoppers Queensland has resulted in (as at 28 February 2017):

  • Over 850,631 phone calls and 55,091 website reports (web only since March 2007);

  • Over 34,185 offenders arrested with some 90,918 charges preferred;

  • Solved 25 Murders and 21 Attempted Murders;

  • Seized over $645 million worth of drugs;

  • Recovered $11 million worth of stolen property; and

  • Seized over $5 million in proceeds of crime.

2017 Monthly Break Down of Statistics

Data Collection Type Jan '17 Feb '17 Mar '17 Apr '17 May'17 Jun '17
Calls Answered 3,313 3,235        
Electronic Reports Received 1,402 1,296        
Arrests Total 162 233        
Charges Total 552 672        
Property Recovered Value 400 30,220        
Property Damaged Value 0 1,500        
Proceeds Confiscated Value 74,968 117,093        
Drugs Seized Value 539,627 1,160,691        
Intelligence Reports Submitted 1,778 1,716        








Crime Stoppers has become the Queensland public’s most effective tool in the fight to solve crime. Our Queensland program has some of the best results per capita in the world. Up to date statistics and in depth results are available through our State Office. Queensland’s continued success is in no small way due to:

  • the commitment of all of our volunteer members associated with the program,

  • the dedication and hard work of the men and women of the Queensland Police Service, and

  • the Queensland public trusting us to anonymously and confidentially manage their crime intelligence information.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

In 2016, through its trusted position with the community and media, Crime Stoppers Queensland handled 61,584 calls, which led to 22,197 intelligence reports and over 3,100 arrests through its Contact Centre.

This is complemented by the direct engagement of thousands of community members across the state, strong media relationships and effective prevention campaigns that contribute to the safety of all Queenslanders.

Below is our infographic demonstrating some of the amazing results achieved in 2016 by our community program - our fourth consecutive record breaking year!


All information shared becomes the property of Police.

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