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Partners and Sponsors

Partnerships and sponsorships significantly bolster our efforts for a safer Queensland.

Queensland PoliceQueensland Police Service

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) remains a foundational partner of Crime Stoppers Queensland, playing a pivotal role in community safety and crime prevention. Their collaboration strengthens the bond between the community and law enforcement, enhancing efforts to solve and prevent crime across Queensland. The Queensland Police Service investigate the information provided through our anonymous reporting service, and arrest and prosecute the offenders for the protection of our community.

Brisbane City CouncilBrisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council continues to support Crime Stoppers Queensland, enhancing community safety and fostering a secure environment. This partnership reflects a joint commitment to crime prevention and public safety initiatives in the Brisbane area.

Queensland GovernmentQueensland Government

The Queensland Government actively collaborates with Crime Stoppers Queensland, providing essential support to enhance the effectiveness of community-based crime prevention initiatives. This partnership underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining safety and security across the state, demonstrating a shared goal of creating safer communities for all Queenslanders.

Australian GovernmentAustralian Government

Annually, the Australian Government’s Attorney-General’s Department provides funding to Crime Stoppers Australia. Crime Stoppers Australia has historically used that funding to support the State and Territory programs through the development of online communication mediums.

Port of BrisbanePort of Brisbane

Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) is one of Australia’s fastest growing container ports, and Queensland’s largest multi-cargo port. PBPL supports a range of initiatives focused on protecting the natural environment, particularly those areas relating to Moreton Bay Marine Park.  PBPL continues to focus on working to protect our valuable waterways and is committed to sustainable habitats and a green built environment at the port.

QBANK strengthens its community ties through support for Crime Stoppers Queensland, demonstrating a commitment to safety and security. Their partnership underlines the shared dedication to making a positive impact in the community.
Australia ZooAustralia Zoo & Wildlife Warriors

Australia Zoo’s backing has spurred increased wildlife reporting, protection, education, and crime prevention promotion across Queensland. Together, we foster a robust relationship dedicated to enhancing wildlife awareness and safety.

DataDot TechnologyDataDot Technology

DataDot Technology is a leading provider of identification solutions, offering advanced microdot technology to enhance property and vehicle security. Their partnership with Crime Stoppers Queensland supports innovative approaches to crime prevention and community safety, leveraging cutting-edge technology to deter theft and aid in recovery of stolen items.

Brisbane AirportBrisbane Airport Corporation

Brisbane Airport aids Crime Stoppers Queensland in safeguarding our community, emphasising the critical role of security and crime reporting within the travel sector.