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Partners and Sponsors

Business community partnerships and sponsroships are a powerful way to enhance the capacity of Crime Stoppers Queensland to make communities safer.

Brisbane City Council

The Brisbane City Council has had a long association with Crime Stoppers Queensland since March 2010. During this time, specialised marketing campaigns were conducted for crime or safety issues affecting the residents of Brisbane.  This association has resulted in the Tag Them Back campaign targeting the receipt of information about known or suspected tagging and graffiti offenders.  In 2013, the Brisbane City Council renewed their agreement for a further three years until 2016 and again in 2019. Throughout our association, Crime Stoppers and Council have worked collaboratively to make Brisbane a safe place to live, work and play.

Brisbane Airport Corporation

Brisbane Airport Corporation Logo

Partners for over 10 years, Crime Stoppers Queensland and Brisbane Airport Corporation have promoted safer communities. Via various on and offline mediums, visitors to the Brisbane Airport are encouraged to make contact to report any information about suspicious or criminal activity anonymously. This valuable information is then passed on to external bodies such as the Queensland Police Service to assist with solving and preventing crime and delivering safer local communities. The Brisbane Airport Corporation recognises the important role it plays in providing a safe Queensland lifestyle for its millions of visitors and staff and this partnership with Crime Stoppers assists with securing a safer state.

Queensland Police Service

Qld Police LogoMost critically, our partnership with the Queensland Police Service ensures that the information provided by the community to Crime Stoppers is acted upon. The Queensland Police provide substantial support to the entire Crime Stoppers network across the state. Each of our volunteer committees has contact with their local Police to keep us informed of current trends. The men and women of the Queensland Police Service investigate the information provided through our program and arrest and prosecute the offenders for the protection of our community.

Australian Attorney-General’s Department

Australian Attorney-General's DepartmentAnnually, the Attorney-General’s Department provides funding to Crime Stoppers Australia.  Crime Stoppers Australia has historically used that funding to support the State and Territory programs through the development of online communication mediums.

Port of Brisbane

Port of Brisbane Logo

Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) is one of Australia’s fastest growing container ports, and Queensland’s largest multi-cargo port.   PBPL supports a range of initiatives focused on protecting the natural environment, particularly those areas relating to Moreton Bay Marine Park.  PBPL continues to focus on working to protect our valuable waterways and is committed to sustainable habitats and a green built environment at the port.

At QBANK, supporting the Queensland police, emergency services, government and health community is in their DNA. QBANK consider themselves privileged and proud to support those who serve Queensland so bravely.  Crime Stoppers volunteers are also among the network of members of QBANK. Each year, QBANK sponsors our Police Representative Volunteer of the Year Award.
DataDot Technology

DataDot Technology joined in 2021 as our newest partner.  With a crime prevention mission that closely aligns to ours and a keen interest in policing and community protection they are a perfect fit.  Their PropertyVault portal is a fantastic initiative that was originally developed for the cycling community.  It is an entirely free service that allows community members to register their assets and report thefts as well as allowing police to report assets found or search for items that have been reported stolen.  We look forward to this partnership making a real difference to community safety in Queensland.