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Rural Crime

Report farm-related crime throughout rural and regional Queensland.

Rural Crime

While stock theft is a major concern, it represents only part of the problem affecting the safety and economic viability of our rural communities.

What is rural crime?

Rural crime includes various illegal activities that harm our agricultural communities:

  • Stock Theft: The illegal taking of livestock, a significant threat to farmers’ livelihoods.
  • Theft of Machinery and Equipment: Including tractors, harvesters, and essential farming tools.
  • Crop Theft: Unauthorized harvesting or destruction of crops, impacting agricultural output and income.
  • Vandalism: Damage to farm property, such as buildings, fences, and irrigation systems.
  • Illegal Hunting and Fishing: Trespassing and poaching activities that violate property rights and conservation laws.
  • Biosecurity Breaches: Actions that introduce or spread pests and diseases, endangering crop and livestock health.
  • Threats and Harassment: Intimidation or hostile behaviours directed towards farmers, their families, or workers, undermining community safety.

Crime Stoppers Queensland emphasises the importance of reporting all forms of rural crime. By sharing information about incidents or suspicious behaviour, the community can help law enforcement in addressing these issues more effectively.

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Trust Crime Stoppers

All Queenslanders can report crime anonymously through Crime Stoppers Queensland, ensuring their safety and confidentiality. Every report, be it for stock theft or other rural crimes, is crucial for police investigation and response.

Reporting through Crime Stoppers is a proven method for prompting police action. Your reports are treated with the utmost confidentiality and are vital in the fight against rural crime.

By reporting rural crime, you’re playing a vital role in safeguarding Queensland’s rural communities. Let’s work together for safer Queensland!