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Illicit Firearms

In Australia, it is perfectly legal to possess a firearm, provided it's registered. Possession of unregistered firearms is an offense.

Get Illegal Firearms Off Our Streets
Getting illegal firearms off our streets is as easy as 3,2,1.

Reporting illegal firearms is as ‘easy as 3,2,1’ as a result of a renewed campaign launched by Crime Stoppers Queensland in October 2017.

This renewed campaign launched immediately after the end of the National Firearms Amnesty and targets the thousands of illegal firearms still on our streets.

Crime Stoppers implores Queenslanders to anonymously share any information they may have or suspect in relation to the whereabouts of an illegal or unregistered firearm.

Concerned citizens are urged to adopt the 3,2,1 approach to get illegal firearms off our streets.  1. Pick up the phone.  2. Tell Crime Stoppers what you know.  3. Hang up.  It’s completely anonymous.

Reducing the threat of illegal firearms has never been easier and sharing information anonymously removes any fear of retaliation.

Each year, terrible crimes and tragic accidents continue to occur involving the use of illegal firearms.  An unregistered or illegal firearm is untraceable by authorities – making it all too easy to get in the wrong hands; whether it be used by a criminal or even a child who mistakes it for a toy.

How can we guarantee it will never be used in a terrible crime or even a tragic accident? We can’t.

With your help though – we can help take it out of circulation. It’s as easy as 3,2,1!

Reporting online is also as easy as 3,2,1 – click Report Illegal Firearms, tell us what you know via the online form, click submit and then close your browser and clear your history – it’s anonymous!

Crime Stoppers Queensland relies on community minded citizens to provide us with information to help identify people committing a crime. The Crime Stoppers Program has been operating in Queensland since 1989 and is the most successful Crime Stoppers Program, per capita, in the world.