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If you’d like to register to become a volunteer with Crime Stoppers, please skip to the below form.

Across Queensland Crime Stoppers has over 350 volunteers and Queensland Police Service representatives committed to making their community a safer place. There are dozens of Volunteer Area Committees across the state – find your local committee to get involved today.


What do Crime Stoppers Community Volunteers do?

Our volunteers are a vital link between the local community and the Crime Stoppers program. They ensure the public know they can trust Crime Stoppers with their information, when to call and that anonymity is assured. This direct contact is instrumental to the program’s ongoing success in Queensland.

There are two primary purposes to having volunteers:

  1. To raise awareness, and
  2. To raise funds to enable the raising of awareness.
Raise Awareness

Awareness raising activities for volunteers may include participation in:

  • school fetes
  • festivals
  • regional shows
  • shopping centre displays
  • community presentations
  • advertising opportunities

The distribution of promotional material at these activities provides communities with immediate access to our hotline, website address or mobile app and generally results in increased engagement with our contact centre.

Raise Funds

Volunteers conduct fundraising activities primarily to support the awareness raising activity costs. The funds also provide rewards for information provided to Crime Stoppers where that information has lead to arrests and charges being laid.

Fundraising activities may include:

  • Golf Days
  • Bowls Days
  • Horse Racing Days
  • Sausage Sizzles
  • Walks Against Crime
  • Trivia Nights

Our Volunteers coordinate and run each event for the benefit of both their local community and the State rewards program. Yet another way that they contribute to your local safety.

Eligibility to Become a Volunteer

To become an officially registered volunteer with Crime Stoppers you must be at least 16 years of age and have successfully passed a Police Suitability Check. Volunteering with us is rewarding, fun and surrounds you with a new network of like-minded people.  If this sounds like your kind of organisation, please register your interest by completing the below form.

Volunteer Enquiry

Complete this form and a team member from your local area will shortly be in touch with you about volunteering from Crime Stoppers.

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For other volunteering opportunities we’d encourage you to visit Volunteering Opportunities – Volunteering Queensland