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Tim Ryan awarded Medal of the Order of Australia

The Crime Stoppers Queensland Board Director has been recognised as a community champion at this year's Australia Day Awards.

26.01.2024 News
Tim Ryan BM OAM

A stalwart of Crime Stoppers Queensland, Tim Ryan has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in this year’s Australia Day Honours, an accolade that resonates deeply with his extensive record of community engagement and advocacy. This honour not only signifies national recognition but also a celebration of the impact he has made through various roles that have touched numerous lives across Queensland.

Tim’s journey with Crime Stoppers Queensland has been marked by his strategic and heartfelt involvement in shaping volunteer initiatives that are the lifeblood of our organisation. His work in forming Volunteer Area Committees and mentoring members and directors has been pivotal in enhancing our collective efficacy. His foresight in fundraising for the Crime Stoppers rewards system has bolstered our ability to incentivise and acknowledge community efforts in crime prevention.

Beyond his administrative prowess, Tim’s on-the-ground actions reflect his commitment to Queensland’s wellbeing. His foundational influence in helping to establish the Daniel Morcombe Foundation has offered solace and support to families and has driven countless educational initiatives that champion child safety.

In the realm of surf lifesaving, Tim’s gallantry is unparalleled. His selfless acts, notably his attempted rescue of a child from floodwaters in 2000, for which he was awarded the National Bravery Medal, showcases the spirit of heroism that he carries. His leadership as past President of Maroochydore Surf Life Saving Club and as the current Sunshine Coast Branch President of Surf Life Saving Queensland highlights his dedication to safeguarding lives on our shores.

Furthermore, Tim’s philanthropic efforts with Wishlist, a major charity on the Sunshine Coast, exemplify his ability to rally community support and resources. His leadership in fundraising activities has been instrumental in enhancing cancer care and in providing much-needed support to local hospitals. His knack for mobilising volunteers and resources, as demonstrated in the 2011 Ipswich flood clean-up, is a testament to his hands-on approach and community-mindedness.

“Tim’s recognition is a true reflection of his unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions to Crime Stoppers and the wider Queensland community. He continues to be a driving force, inspiring us with his passion and dedication.” – Crime Stoppers Queensland CEO, David Hansen.

As Tim graciously accepts the Medal of the Order of Australia, his story of service continues to unfold. We’re privileged to witness his ongoing journey as a community champion, one that motivates and leads us toward a safer and more compassionate society.