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Empowering Communities: Crime Stoppers Queensland’s 2023 Achievements

Crime Stoppers Queensland has once again proven to be an essential pillar in community safety.

23.01.2024 NewsResults
Crime Stoppers volunteers

With a remarkable 57,712 anonymous reports received in 2023, our community’s vigilance has been nothing short of inspiring. These reports, including 22,443 telephone calls and 35,269 online submissions, have significantly contributed to a safer Queensland.

Our collective efforts led to outstanding results: 590 arrests, 2,422 charges, and the seizure of 51.66 kg of drugs worth $765,826. Moreover, $416,477 in proceeds of crime were recovered, underscoring our impact on criminal activities.

David Hansen, Crime Stoppers Queensland CEO, acknowledges the crucial role of our community:

“This year, we’ve continued to see the powerful impact of our combined efforts. Our volunteers, over 350 strong, have been the backbone of our success. Their proactive work in awareness and fundraising across Queensland has been instrumental.”

Our achievements in regions like the Gold Coast, Townsville, and South Brisbane are standout examples of how our strategies, especially during the National Illicit Drug Campaign, have effectively raised our profile and presence. These successes are anchored in our values of partnership, trust, integrity, and courage, ensuring safety and lasting impact.

Crime Stoppers Queensland volunteers

As we reflect on 2023, it’s evident that our purpose – empowering the community to provide anonymous information – has been more than effective. It’s an approach that’s not only disrupted crime but has also built a strong, trusting relationship between the community and our service.

“With the momentum we’ve built this year, I’m confident that 2024 will see us scaling new heights in community engagement and service outcomes. Every report, every volunteer, every community member plays a pivotal role in this journey towards a safer Queensland,” Mr Hansen said.

As Crime Stoppers Queensland moves forward, we encourage everyone to be part of this vital mission. Your trust in our service and your courage to anonymously report is key to our continued success. Explore our website to learn more and become an active citizen in achieving a safer Queensland for everyone.