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Female trailblazers, a fighting force to tackling community crime

A powerful female force of crime-fighting citizens are celebrating this International Women’s Day, recognising the 245 inspirational women behind Crime Stoppers Queensland.

08.03.2022 News

In 2022, more women than ever are volunteering for the organisation, helping to reduce crime on our streets and keeping our neighbourhoods safe.

In the past 12 months, Crime Stoppers Queensland has helped police make 766 arrests and lay 3519 charges across the state.

Crime Stoppers Brisbane Bayside Treasurer Kay Plummer said it was inspiring to see so many women actively involved in the safety of their communities.

“I joined the Crime Stoppers Bayside Committee four years ago as I wanted to be out in the community making a difference,” she said.

“We currently have nine female volunteers who bring a personal approach to our work. These women provide fresh ideas and are wonderful ambassadors to educate other women in the community on our crime prevention work.

“In 2021, our committee received a grant that saw Crime Stoppers signage featured throughout 53 schools in the Redlands. I grew up afraid of crime but now I know I can play an active role in my community’s safety, while also inspiring other women to do the same.”

Crime Stoppers Metro North volunteer Kelsey Nicholson first joined the organisation as a teenager, inspired by the women before her, preventing crime in their neighbourhoods.

“There are so many influential women throughout our organisation on the ground volunteering, running fundraisers, to working in our head office,” she said.

“As a teenager, these women were so welcoming and open and have taught me so much about myself and the role I can play in my community. There are so many opportunities for women to join Crime Stoppers and be part of something special that is making a real difference.”