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Queensland residents help crack the code to community crime

The wheels have been set in motion to foster safer communities in Central and North Queensland as Crime Stoppers Queensland hit the road to spread awareness of the amazing work of our organisation.

26.10.2022 News

Crime Stoppers Queensland State Manager Renae Long has been visiting Mackay, Rockhampton and Townsville, calling on people-power to play a bigger role in reducing crime and keeping our local communities safe.

Queensland residents can help crack the code to community crime, as modern technology now equips residents with the most powerful crime-fighting tool – their phone or device, all while staying anonymous.

“During COVID, we have witnessed an increase in calls and online reporting to Crime Stoppers with residents looking out for their fellow neighbours, especially with residents who travel away for work,” said Mrs Long.

“Due to evolving technology, everyone has a phone on them, almost at all times of the day. If you see or hear something suspicious or have information of a crime, you can quickly and easily report to Crime Stoppers on your phone right there and then, all without saying who you are.

“Many people are unaware of the important role the organisation plays in helping to prevent and solve crimes in this region, working with police to make the community safer.”

During the recent trip, Renae met with our local volunteer committees, police, council and community groups.

“An important message we spread throughout this trip was that community safety is everyone’s responsibility and even sharing the smallest bit of information, can make a big impact on solving crime and creating safer neighbourhoods,” said Mrs Long.

“There is no expiry date on information you report to Crime Stoppers. If you have seen, heard, or know something suspicious, or know of a crime that has been planned or happened, we want to hear from you. Your information could be the missing piece of the puzzle.”