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Ipswich Police Sergeant Recognised for 20-Year Service to Keeping Community Safe

Congratulations to Sergeant Nadine Webster for her 20-year service to Crime Stoppers Queensland as a police representative – ensuring the ongoing safety of our Ipswich community.

01.02.2022 News
Ipswich Crime Stoppers secretary Teigan Hogbin and Sergeant Nadine Webster

Crime Stoppers Queensland is proud to recognise Sergeant Nadine Webster for her dedication to crime prevention and her 20 years of service to our organisation.

The Officer in Charge for the Ipswich District Crime Prevention Unit, Nadine first joined Crime Stoppers Queensland as a police representative in Dalby in 2002, before moving to Ipswich in 2007.

Over the past two decades, Nadine has spent many hours working alongside Crime Stoppers Queensland volunteers to help organise fundraisers and educate school students and the general public on crime prevention and the valuable work of our organisation.

Ipswich Crime Stoppers secretary Teigan Hogbin said she was honoured to work alongside Nadine, having first met when she was in Year 10 and undertaking work experience at the Yamanto Police Station.

“Nadine is an inspiration to all our volunteers and especially myself. She has a strong commitment and dedication to Crime Stoppers Queensland and the Queensland Police Service. She is a valuable member of our local community and well respected and loved by many,” she said.

“Our work together has helped enhance the profile of Crime Stoppers Queensland, assisting in crime prevention and helping keep our community safe.”

A familiar, friendly face around Ipswich, Nadine said she was humbled by the recognition for her 20-year anniversary, praising the work of Crime Stoppers Queensland and the passionate volunteers.

“A lot of my service has been in small communities, working with volunteers and being actively involved in the community I live and work in. Being part of the local community has always been really important to me,” said Nadine.

“Crime prevention is very important as it reduces victimisation and the impact that a select group of offenders can have on a community.

“The police and the amazing team of local volunteers at Crime Stoppers Queensland work very closely together. We are educating the public on the work of Crime Stoppers Queensland and helping to keep the Ipswich community safe.”

Recently awarded an Australian Police Medal for her leadership, supporting and building partnerships with organisations like Crime Stoppers Queensland, Nadine has used her 30-year career to promote safety and enhance the relationship between police and the people.

“Ipswich is a city but it’s really a big country town and people can be concerned about reporting any information to police. My role with Crime Stoppers Queensland is to promote the organisation and encourage residents to be proactive in the safety of their community and to understand that they can report suspicious activity to Crime Stoppers and remain anonymous,” she said.

“Being part of Crime Stoppers Queensland is up there as one of my biggest career achievements by helping to grow our volunteer committee and raise money for the organisation.

“It is very humbling to be acknowledged for this 20-year milestone, but I really want to thank the Crime Stoppers Ipswich Volunteer Committee. Their passion and commitment to the safety of our community inspires me to do what I do.”

Crime Stoppers has been part of the Ipswich community for more than 25 years and is the most trusted information receiving service for people wanting to report unsolved crime and suspicious activity.

Currently in Ipswich there are 22 dedicated volunteers who are a vital link between the local community and the Crime Stoppers program. They ensure the public know they can trust the organisation with their information, know when to call, and understand that anonymity is assured.