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Brisbane City Council Sponsorship Keeps Our City Streets Safe

A crime fighting sponsorship between Brisbane residents and Crime Stoppers Queensland has contributed to a 50 per cent jump in criminal charges across the city.

09.12.2021 News

Brisbane City Council’s ongoing sponsorship supports Crime Stoppers Queensland to get the message out to Brisbane residents that our city is a safe place to live, work and play.

In March 2021, Crime Stoppers Queensland ran a targeted campaign aimed at safe travel on 30 Brisbane City Council buses to promote Brisbane being a safe place to live and visit.

The new data was released as part of Crime Prevention Month in October, and is a timely reminder to the public on how they can help reduce crime and keep Brisbane safe.

“Crime Stoppers Queensland is proud to be supported by Brisbane City Council on our current sponsorship campaign – Brisbane a safe place to live, work and play. During Crime Prevention Month, we encourage the Brisbane community to continue sharing information with us. You could have critical knowledge that could help solve a crime” said Crime Stoppers Queensland CEO Carmen Jenkinson.

“The increase in reports to Crime Stoppers Queensland of suspicious or criminal activity is a positive reminder that people trust the work we do and want to ensure the safety of our communities.

Reports to Crime Stoppers Queensland helped police to make 107 arrests and lay 887 charges between January and September this year in Brisbane.