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Unlike Community Volunteers, Events Volunteers are not required to attend meetings only participate in Fundraising and Promotional events. This allows much more flexibility for those who want to volunteer with Crime Stoppers but can’t commit to monthly meetings.

Our Community Event Volunteers have two primary roles:

1.         Promotional Activities

Crime Stoppers Event Volunteers attend fun, local events such as:

  • school fetes
  • festival
  • regional shows
  • shopping centre displays
  • community presentations
  • advertising opportunities

The distribution of promotional material at these activities provides communities with immediate access to our hotline, website address or mobile app. This direct contact is instrumental to the program’s ongoing success.

2.         Fundraising Events

Our Volunteers coordinate fundraising events for the benefit of both their local community and the State rewards program. Yet another way that they contribute to your local safety.

Fundraising activities include social events like:

  • Golf Days
  • Bowls Days
  • Horse Racing Days
  • Sausage Sizzles
  • Walks Against Crime
  • Trivia Nights


How Event Volunteering works?

Decisions about which events to coordinate or attend are made by the Community Volunteers at meetings and communicated with an availability roster to Event Volunteers. It is expected the Event Volunteers attend an introductory meeting with the committee, a minimum of 3-4 events throughout the year and maintain communication with the Volunteer Area Committee. 

Event Volunteering with Crime Stoppers is easy, fun and rewarding:

  • 31 locations across Queensland
  • Minimum commitment of 3-4 events a year (4-5 hours)
  • 1 meeting per year (1-1.5 hours)

What are the requirements to volunteer with Crime Stoppers? 

  • Must be 15 years and older
  • Willing to participate in Police Suitability Check
  • Adhere to the Code of Conduct below

Visit the Local To You page of our website for additional information about Crime Stoppers in your part of our beautiful state.

Brisbane Bayside Volunteers


Cairns Volunteers

Code of Conduct:

Our Volunteers…

  • act at all times in accordance with company policies and rules;
  • demonstrate a high level of individual responsibility and recognise that at all times their words and actions are an example to others;
  • do not use Crime Stoppers to promote their own beliefs, behaviours or practices where these are not compatible with the program;
  • respect the cultures, beliefs, opinions and decisions of others although we may not always agree;
  • strive to create and encourage a safe and enjoyable environment for themselves and fellow volunteers;
  • value and actively listen and use positive two-way communication with fellow volunteers, management and company directors;
  • strive to promote Crime Stoppers Queensland to as many people in their local communities as possible.

Visit the Local To You page of our website for additional information about Crime Stoppers in your part of our beautiful State.

All information shared becomes the property of Police.

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