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Since 1989 Crime Stoppers Queensland has received over 835,757 contacts which has led to 30,671 offenders being arrested on over 80,796 charges.* Over 25 years of servicing the Queensland’s public with a network of 31 committees and over 600 volunteers means Crime Stoppers enjoys a 98%* brand recognition from Queenslanders, with 84%* of the public willing to contact Crime Stoppers to report suspicious and criminal behaviour. This is in large part due to due to the nature of our anonymous program and the great work of our volunteers across Queensland. 

Crime Stoppers is a partnership between the registered charity Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited, the Queensland Police Service, the media and public.  The information collected forms intelligence supplied to the police and last year Queensland acheived 39%* of the total national arrest results (2014).  All partnership funding received is driven back into Queensland communities to make the state we live in safe, liveable and crime free.

Crime Stoppers works with corporate brands that share our values in building safe and liveable communities and through corporate partnerships we are able to expand the work we do in the community providing education, information, engagement and visibility where anti-crime messaging is required.

Our working relationships with corporate Australia are personalised and developed in-line with brand. Our team understand corporate brand requirements ensuring a positive association for all parties, with direct benefits back to the community we supply services to. We draft clear measurements into our partnerships to ensure delivery and base our corporate arrangements on objective and brand understanding.

If you have a communications message and would like to link to Crime Stoppers Queensland, contact us to explore the possibilities.

Contact our State Office for more information.
Telephone: 1300 309 355

*Data Reference: National Annual Crime Stoppers Report & independent research conducted by Instinct and Reason.

All information shared becomes the property of Police.

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