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Contacts We Don’t Handle

Let us start out by noting that we are always here to help and our Customer Contact Team will always assist you wherever possible.

Daily our team receive a large volume of incorrect contacts so we thought we would enlist your support for change. You can help to reduce the volume of contacts reaching us that are not situations Crime Stoppers can help you with.

Crime Stoppers is a community information gathering service about suspicious or criminal activity that assists Police and other agencies to solve and prevent crime.  We also assist with special calls to action issued by the Queensland Police Service for witnesses and other information related to crimes that have taken place.  In addition we work with the RSPCA for high profile animal cruelty related matters as well as other agencies like Queensland Racing Integrity Commission, Queensland Rail, etc.

The number one rule – if you need Police because you are a victim of a crime or there is a crime occurring right now or moments ago – contact Police via 131 444 (non-urgent) or Triple Zero ‘000’ (urgent).

To help you more – below we list samples of crimes where you should contact other agencies directly.

Contacts referred to Triple Zero (000) for time critical crimes in progress Examples:

  • You are currently following a vehicle driving dangerously or erratically
  • you are witnessing or can hear a violent fight or domestic disturbance taking place
  • you heard gun shots
  • you can see an armed hold up in progress or know of one that has just occurred, and
  • you believe you can see someone armed with a weapon in public.
Contacts referred to ReportCyber for online cybercrime related reporting
Common types of cybercrimes including:

  • hacking
  • scams
  • fraud
  • identity theft
  • attacks on computer systems, and
  • illegal or prohibited online content.
  • Reporting to ReportCyber is online only – visit the link to the left.
Contacts referred to Queensland Police Service – Policelink 131 444 for reporting matters as victims of a crime Examples:

  • You have arrived home to find your home has been burgled
  • you go outside and see your vehicle has been damaged or unlawfully entered or even stolen
  • you have just had someone knocking on your front door, for door to door sales, whom
  • you believe is suspicious and they are still in the street right now
Contacts referred to Queensland Police Service – Policelink 131 444 for reporting matters related to non-urgent crimes in progress Examples:

  • Noise complaints
  • abandoned vehicles parked in your street (unless there is a pattern of suspicious activity related to the vehicle)
  • one-off traffic related matters or traffic related matters occurring now like trail bikes riding in parks
  • intoxicated person in your street
  • illegal street party taking place
  • theft of your mobile phone, etc

(Note – Crime Stoppers DOES take information about traffic related matters that are ongoing high-grade offences like – repetitive driving whilst intoxicated or unlicensed, reoccurring speeding or driving unregistered vehicles – all of which do not require an immediate Police response).

Contacts referred to Queensland Police Service or the Crime and Corruption Commission for official complaints against Police All complaints against Police that wish to be made, must either be made to the Queensland Police Service directly or to the Crime and Corruption Commission.  We are not the Police so we cannot take complaints about their Officers.
Contacts referred to Scamwatch for reports related to online, email, telephone or door to door scams Examples:

  • Online scams
  • email scams
  • telephone calls
  • door to door scams
  • unexpected money (including winnings) emails
  • fake charities
  • dating & romance scams
  • buying or selling scams
  • job & investment scams
  • attempts to gain your personal information, and
  • threats and extortion scams where you haven’t already become a victim (victims should contact Policelink).