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Emerald Volunteer Area Committee

A thriving rural town, 250 km west of Rockhampton, Emerald is nearly in the middle of the Central Highlands Regional Council’s area.   The town of Emerald is on the Capricorn Highway and the Central Railway (1879) from Rockhampton. The town began with an agriculturally dominated economy, but since the 1970s this has been overtaken by the fossil energy economy, especially coal. Incomes have been correspondingly high, and families with children have made for relatively youthful populations. The Emerald township had a population of 14,000 in 2020.

Current Committee Executive

Chairman – Jayne Gothmann
Secretary – Ainsleigh Pegg
Treasurer – Veronica Chapman


Crime Stoppers Emerald
Volunteer Area Committee
Attention – Secretary
PO Box 143



3rd Thursday of each month

Local Annual Events Attended

Emerald Show

Other Information

The Emerald Committee is always looking at to promote awareness of Crime Stoppers. We are in the process of rebuilding our committee so we can work to educate our community about the importance of Crime Stoppers and crime prevention and are seeking enthusiastic volunteers.