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Conditions of Volunteering for Gold Coast Schoolies - Schoolies Support Team:

  • Volunteers are to be 20 years of age or over.
  • Volunteers are to be approved for a ‘working with children’ Blue Card issued by the Queensland Governments Public Safety Business Agency to enhance the security of the young persons participating in Gold Coast Schoolies celebrations. If you don’t have a Blue Card, the application is FREE of charge for volunteers and we will assist you to make application.
  • ALL new volunteers and existing volunteers wishing to train as Team Leaders for the first time, are required to attend a training session (regardless of length of service).
  • ALL returning volunteers who are not attending training in person - will be required to complete a brief online training refresher.
  • ALL volunteers must follow all lawful instructions issued by Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited employees in connection with the Gold Coast Schoolies Community Safety Response.
  • Volunteers are not quasi Police Officers nor Security Personnel and do not have a role to play in that regard.
  • Volunteers do not break up, intervene or become involved in anti-social or physical altercations, but rather monitor the situation visually and verbally report incident details via the radio communications network.
  • Volunteers never run or jog.
  • Volunteers are to remain together in groups of four (4), after departure from Headquarters, at all times.
  • Volunteers do not confiscate alcoholic beverages or other items of an illegal nature - these matters are reported to nearby Police Officers or Security Personnel.

How to Apply:

Closed for 2018 - please visit again next year!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
For direct assistance from Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited Administration Personnel regarding Volunteering with the Schoolies Support Team at the Gold Coast Schoolies Community Safety Response - please contact our State Office Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm on 1300 309 355 or email to schoolies @

All information shared becomes the property of Police.

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