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About the Schoolies Support Team and Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited at Gold Coast Schoolies

Who is CSQL?

Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited (CSQL) is a registered charity and community volunteer organisation that believes the general public can help make a difference in solving and preventing crime.

Crime Stoppers was established in Queensland in 1989 and operates across Australia. The current Vision of CSQL is: A safe empowered and engaged community.

CSQL provides a telephone hotline 1800 333 000, website and mobile app for members of the community to provide anonymous information about criminal activity. This information is sent to the police establishment nearest to where the crime is occurring for investigation. Information providers do not give their name - remaining anonymous allows them to overcome any fear of involvement or retaliation.

Information providers are not recorded or traced. The information provider is not identified in any way. Information providers are allocated a code number for their information which allows them to provide further information at a later time, check on the progress of an investigation or collect a reward if an offender was arrested as a direct result of their information.

Why is CSQL Involved with GCS?

The Safer Schoolies Initiative aims to enhance the safety of school leavers participating in end-of-school celebrations and the communities that host these celebrations. The involvement of CSQL is directly relevant to our Vision. In addition, CSQL's role as a community volunteer organisation depicts its ability to appropriately manage volunteers on a daily basis, not just for the Safety Response each November.

What is CSQL's Role at GCS?

CSQL is involved in two important aspects of the Safety Response at GCS each year.

1. CSQL manages the Headquarters temporarily set up each year. CSQL provides three paid personnel on eight hour shifts covering the 24 hours of each day during the response period as well as a Headquarters Manager to support the Government team.

2. CSQL is appointed to manage the Schoolies Support Team Volunteer Recruitment, Training and Coordination.

Can I Volunteer with CSQL at Other Times of the Year?

YES Please! CLICK HERE to directly access more information about what CSQL Volunteers do in your local community and consider completing the online form on the page to receive further information.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017
For direct assistance from Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited Administration Personnel regarding Volunteering with the Schoolies Support Team at the Gold Coast Schoolies Community Safety Response - please contact our State Office Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm on 1300 309 355 or email to schoolies @

All information shared becomes the property of Police.

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