As a community volunteer organisation, Crime Stoppers Queensland is reliant on volunteers offering their support, passion and dedication to assist our program with achieving its mission of ‘A safe empowered and engaged community’.

With your help – we can be one step closer.

Volunteer Spotlight on Jim Curtis from Toowoomba

Crime Stoppers volunteers are passionate about community safety and crime prevention. If you want to be actively involved in making a positive step towards protecting Queenslanders now and in the future, check out our opportunities below and join today!

Opportunity 1 – Community Volunteers

Opportunity 2 – Community Event Volunteers

To find out more, give our friendly staff team a call or fill out the form below to start your Crime Stoppers journey.

What Volunteers do:

  • Serve on locally based Volunteer Area Committees throughout Queensland or at the State Office/Contact Centre;
  • Committee Volunteers attend monthly meetings and assist with administration and planning all future fundraising and promotional activities;
  • Committee Volunteers nominate to fulfil roles like Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Coordinator, Promotions Coordinator, Event Volunteers Coordinator;
  • Event Volunteers are not required to attend monthly meetings - they instead participate on an equitable roster of fundraising and promotional activities throughout the year;
  • Volunteers fundraise to support local promotional activities and initiatives and to assist their local committee to contribute to the State Cash Rewards fund. This fund pays the anonymous cash rewards to our information providers;
  • Volunteers promote our program to their local community and help to make it a safer place to live;
  • Volunteers also work with our State Office personnel at major events.
  • Form part of the single biggest reason why our Queensland program is so successful.

What Volunteers do NOT do:

  • Volunteers are not Police or Security and have no role in that regard in their local community.