Our Major Partners 

Brisbane Airport Corporation
The Brisbane Airport Corporation became the first Major Partner of Crime Stoppers Queensland in 2008 and has been a Major Partner since that time.  The BAC recognises its role in providing a safe Queensland lifestyle for its milions of visitors and staff.  The BAC has continued to extend their major partnership support each year in support of our vital community role.
Brisbane City Council
The Brisbane City Council joined forces with Crime Stoppers Queensland as a Major Partner in March 2010 for a three year Agreement to conduct specialised marketing campaigns for crime or safety issues affecting the ratepayers of Brisbane.  This partnership has resulted in the Tag Them Back campaign targeting the receipt of information about known or suspected tagging and graffiti offenders.  In 2013, the Brisbane City Council renewed their major partnership for a further three years until 2016 and during these years we have partered in a very engaging Cost of Crime campaign.
Crimsafe upgraded their sponsorship to Major Partner in 2010 after two years of event and website sponsorship.  Crimsafe is a provider of specialised security protection systems for your home or business with class leading solutions for personal safety and community protection.  Crimsafe are now also partnering with Crime Stoppers Australia. Crimsafe renewed their major partnership for a further three years in 2013, taking our arrangement to 2016.
Queensland Police Service
The Crime Stoppers program requires the Major Partnership support of the Queensland Police Service.  The men and women of the Queensland Police Service investigate the information provided through our program and arrest and prosecute the offenders for the protection of our community.


Our Community Supporter Level Sponsors:

HQPlantations joined forces with Crime Stoppers to help combat the growing incidence of illegal activity taking place within their Beerburrum Forestry area and ensure its ongoing sustainability as a place where legitimate users can conduct recreational activities safely.  HQP have engaged Crime Stoppers to conduct community engagement activities through campaign signage and direct hand to hand engagement of forestry users.
Queensland Rail
Queensland Rail and the Queensland Police Service Railway Squad work in partnership to manage and prevent crime on the rail network. Police officers conduct patrols, intelligence-led operations and community engagement from local police outposts across the rail network. In addition, the Railway Squad and Queensland Rail encourage reporting of crime on the rail network to Crime Stoppers through targeted community activities such as station displays, and the production of Crime Stoppers bulletins for display on station information screens. Queensland Rail has been a formal supporter of Crime Stoppers since December 2011, which has enabled both organisations to encourage safe travel on the railway network through reporting of crime.
Holcim and Crime Stoppers Queensland joined forces in September 2013.  Holcim has previously worked with the Gold Coast City Council and Queensland Police Service to assist with combatting crime in the local area of their Quarry at Luscombe.  Holcim has continually attempted to improve the area of their quarry operations including natural habitat rehabilitation.  Holcim have engaged Crime Stoppers to conduct community engagement activities through campaign signage and direct hand to hand engagement with local residents and users of the area surrounding the quarry.
City of Ipswich
The City of Ipswich formed a new partnership with Crime Stoppers in March 2017. The City is committed to protecting public space for its residents and making the city more recognised universally as a great place to live, work and play.


Our Website Sponsors from the Home Page:

DNA Security Solutions
DNA Security Solutions joined the fight against crime in Queensland in 2011, becoming sponsors of this website and the Crime Stoppers program in Queensland. DNA Security Solutions specialises in criminal marking systems and its revolutionary system has dramatically helped to reduce crime in its category.  DNA Security Solutions is actively playing a part in preventing crime in our State.
Australian Attorney-General's Department
Annually, the Attorney-General's Department provides funding to Crime Stoppers Australia.  Crime Stoppers Australia has historically used that funding to support the State and Territory programs through the development of online communication mediums like this website.  Further, Crime Stoppers Queensland also receives a grant of $40k per year which is tied and must be assigned to specialised programs.  In 2011/12 this funding assisted Crime Stoppers Queensland to produce Volunteer Recruitment materials including three television community service announcements.  Visit our YouTube channel via the link on the home page to view those announcements.


Our Other Annual Sponsors:

Port of Brisbane
Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) is one of Australia’s fastest growing container ports, and Queensland’s largest multi-cargo port.   PBPL supports a range of initiatives focused on protecting the natural environment, particularly those areas relating to Moreton Bay Marine Park.  PBPL continues to focus on working to protect our valuable waterways and is committed to sustainable habitats and a green built environment at the port. PBPL has been working with Crime Stoppers in Queensland for five years.
Motorola Solutions
Motorola Solutions have been supporting Crime Stoppers in Victoria for several years as their Major Partner.  In recent years Motorola have extended their support in Queensland, initially sponsoring our 20 year luncheon in 2009, then our Annual Awards in 2010 and in 2011 Motorola Solutions extended their support to provide 4 Tetra Digital Radios and 4 GP338 standard radio's and accessories.  Motorola helps emergency services around the globe, they do this by connecting them to seamless community networks, applications and services, by providing them with real-time information, and by arming them with intuitive, nearly indestructible handheld devices.  Motorola are continuing as proud annual sponsors of Crime Stoppers in Queensland.
Queensland Police Credit Union
The QBank are the proud sponsors of the QBank Police Representative of the Year Award announced at our annual awards ceremony.  The QBank support those Officers who commit to assisting our program.
MyWitness is an Australian company harnessing mobile technology to increase personal safety, prevent crime, and protect families and communities. The MyWitness smartphone app allows users to instantly record video evidence in the cloud and contacts multiple family members and friends in an emergency, providing GPS location and details of the situation to assist in organising a rapid response. MyWitness is proud to offer integration with Crime Stoppers within Australia, allowing fast and anonymous reporting of crimes witnessed or recorded by users.
Data Dot Technology
Data Dot Technology are partners of Crime Stoppers in Australia and each year a portion of the funds they provide is shared out to each State and Territory program.
Lane Locks
Lane Security are partners of Crime Stoppers in Australia and each year a portion of the funds they provide is shared out to each State and Territory program.



Our Other Annual In-Kind Supporters: 

Einstigns is the vehicle graphics company that proudly worked with Crime Stoppers to completely revamp our vehicle graphics.  Einstigns donated the full reapplication of artwork to our Statewide Marketing Vehicle.  Einstigns continues to provide value for money and quality vehicle graphics services in support of our valuable community work.
Queensland Fire and Rescue Service
The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service supports Crime Stoppers in Queensland by promoting our hotline at every opportunity.  In addition the entire vehicle fleet carries Crime Stoppers messages related to Stopping Arson.
JT Press
JT Press conduct the bulk of the printing requirements for Crime Stoppers in Queensland and reguarly ensure best price and where possible donations of work are provided in support of our program.
Neighbourhood Watch Queensland

Neighbourhood Watch - Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is a philosophy and an approach to working together as a community to reduce crime and enhance community safety. Visit www.nhwq.org and subscribe to receive community news, events and important information related to your neighbourhood area.  To sign up for your local area neighbourhood watch blog, to contribute articles and comment on the important issues in your community, please visit: www.nhwq.org/signup


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