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Our vision is to build a safe, empowered and engaged Queensland community.  We need your help.

As a charity and a community volunteer organisation, we rely on strong partnerships with Queensland’s corporate community to get results. By making a business donation to our core resources you will be strengthening our critical service, and have the opportunity to gain valuable brand recognition for your support. Additionally, making a donation as a business helps to protect Queenslanders and our way of life.

Interested in Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited’s Annual Sponsor program? By donating at least $700 each year, your company will gain valuable recognition by being featured on our website, as well as the following. Annual Sponsors receive:

  • Official accreditation as a Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited Annual Sponsor (renewed each year)
  • Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited Annual Sponsor certificate and marketing materials, providing visible recognition in your workplace and brand of your support for Crime Stoppers
  • Brand involvement in community matters (did you know over 80% of consumers want a company to give back?)
  • Use of Crime Stoppers and Annual Sponsor logos, providing visible recognition of your company’s alignment with a respected and well known community organisation
  • Regular updates about Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited’s recent achievements
  • Your logo, company profile and weblink on Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited’s website
  • Opportunity to lower business’s tax bill each year
Thursday, January 7, 2016
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