Workplace Wrongdoing

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Committed to ethical business


No business is in operation purely to make money. That’s because all businesses - from small enterprises through to large corporations - are primarily composed of people. And people, as well as being workers, students, and professionals, are also members of families and communities.

1300 Anonymous was created to help you operate a legal and ethical organisation that thwarts corruption, and supports the wellbeing of your personnel. Your commitment to addressing fraud and misconduct is an important way to establish and maintain trust with your employees, customers, shareholders, regulators and the community in which you operate.

80 percent of employees said they would be unwilling to work for companies involved in bribery or corrupt practices. 

Fraud and Corruption – driving away talent? Ernst & Young

Our 24/7 hotline gives your employees, students or members a trusted, independent avenue to speak out against practices harming your organisation. We offer a completely confidential telephone & web-based whistleblowing and reporting service to encourage early detection of: 

  • Fraud, stealing and shrinkage
  • Cybercrime
  • Corruption and bribery
  • Safety breaches and dangerous activity
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination 

Send a clear message to your team, your customers and your stakeholders that you’re listening.  


Supporting the ongoing success of Crime Stoppers 

1300 Anonymous is delivered by Crime Stoppers Queensland, a registered charity and community volunteer organisation.

The service builds on the skills and infrastructure of Crime Stoppers, an experienced hotline provider that has been operating for 29 years to bring community crime into the open while protecting the anonymity of people who make a report. Learn more about Crime Stoppers and our Board of Directors.

Crime Stoppers Queensland has a history of success in generating awareness of whistleblowing and eliciting information from callers that results in action being taken.

Crime Stoppers has an professional and empathetic contact centre team experienced in taking reports about a broad range of illegal and offensive activity including sexual offences, drug offences, money laundering, stealing and attempted stealing, receiving stolen property, fraud, wilful damage, and road safety offences. Team members regularly receive training to ensure their intelligence gathering skills remain up-to-date.

If your business needs a whistleblower hotline to meet Australian regulations - consider using our service. Contact our administration team on 1300 309 355 for more information about this service.

All information shared becomes the property of Police.

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