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Each year Crime Stoppers Queensland manages the Schoolies Support Team (SST) Volunteers, engaged to assist with the Gold Coast Schoolies Community Safety Response.

The Safer Schoolies Initiative aims to enhance the safety of school leavers participating in end-of-school celebrations and the communities that host these celebrations. The combination of inexperience, lack of supervision and excessive consumption of alcohol has, in the past, led to incidents of anti-social behaviour that has disturbed residents and placed young people at risk of harm.

SST Volunteers have two primary roles at the Gold Coast Schoolies Community Safety Response.

1. Wristband Assistant

This role involves placing wristbands onto school leavers wrists, recording wristband statistics & data via computerised tablet devices, assisting with queue monitoring, providing information and assistance to those preparing to collect their wristband.

2. Roving Street and Beach Patrols

Walking the Response Zone in teams of four (4) volunteers to provide advice and directions to school leavers and general Surfers Paradise visitors. In addition there are walk homes of schoolies at risk to their accommodation venue, identifying schoolies in need of assistance and referring them to the appropriate organisation, assisting injured, collapsed or intoxicated schoolies to a Recharge Zone or the Ambulance Treatment Centre for further assistance, handing out information and or participating in free food cooking and distribution during the Response.

Schoolies Volunteers

Specialist Positions:

Due to the environment in which this opportunity takes place there are two specialist positions available at the Gold Coast Schoolies Community Safety Response.

A. Team Leader

Consider yourself a good team player? Can you make the correct decisions in the spare of the moment? Can you prioritise and still take into account the needs of others? Volunteer safety is of upmost importance and as such Street and Beach Patrols always work in teams of four. One person in each team is the dedicated Team Leader and makes the final decision when required. Additional Training is compulsory for Team Leaders and they must be a returning Volunteer to the Response.

B. Radio Operator

“Control, this is Team 2” Communication is a fundamental necessity in any organisation and the Safety Response is certainly no exception. Open, clear and concise information can be the difference in gaining expert assistance before an issue escalates, getting a school leaver to medical assistance early or simply ensuring the Volunteer team is safe and accounted for. Every Street and Beach Patrol team has a Radio Operator and additional training is required for the role.

SST Volunteers are only required for 1 week during the year.

Schoolies Volunteers

Time Commitment:

3.5 hours training

Minimum 1 shift during the Gold Coast Schoolies Community Safety Response


Surfers Paradise


20 years or older

Working with Children Check – Blue Card. Obtained as part of application process – no cost.

3.5 hours training prior to the Safety response

Includes training for Team Leaders and Radio Operators

For more information go the ‘Schoolies Volunteering’ tab under ‘Discover’ on our website. Applications are completed online.

All information shared becomes the property of Police.

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