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Our independent contact centre was opened on 11 May 2015 and represented a new era in providing an independent avenue for information-gathering. The program itself operated from 1989 to 2015 (May) without an independent contact centre and the program and its amazing volunteers were very effective the entire time.

Yes, we became even more effective with the operation of our independent contact centre and its closure is disappointing however, we simply revert to historical operations and continue our great work helping create safer local communities.

The decision to close our contact centre, which is just one part of our business, was made due to a lack of new funding sources. We must preserve the organisation and this decision helps us to do just that.

Some reminders:

  • Crime Stoppers is a registered charity and community volunteer organisation
  • We have been operating for 29 years and nearly 39,000 offenders have been arrested because of our community program, which is supported across Queensland by 550 Volunteers on 32 local Area Committees and works in major partnership with the Queensland Police Service
  • Recent operational changes to our program will not result in any changes for the community - please continue to report information about suspicious and criminal activity to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, online via this website
  • Information providers can remain anonymous, which helps to overcome the fear of involvement, retaliation or becoming involved in lengthy court matters
  • Crime Stoppers does not take calls from victims of crime or for those who require immediate police assistance or general police attendance at an address
  • Visit the other pages of this website to learn more about our amazing program and volunteers.


What this closure does not mean:

  • It does not in any way signal the end of Crime Stoppers in Queensland. Calls from the public will continue to be answered 24/7—by a partner agency with trained operators. People who make reports will continue to remain anonymous.
  • It does not mean we have lost any support for our program. We retain our network of generous partners and sponsors and we thank them for their support.
  • It does not mean we won't be highly active in local communities across the State. Our incredible volunteers (550+) will continue to promote our program at local events and fundraisers.


What it does mean:

The closure is a major reduction to our operations and requires the organisation to reshape its future. Sadly that means that personnel and volunteers from both our contact centre and State Office have lost their jobs.

Affected staff have been offered access to counselling in this difficult time. Many of our contact centre team have expressed a desire to stay on until the final call or web report is received—even as they consider their next steps (which demonstrates their dedication).

We remain proud of all that we have achieved together and are committed to a strong and effective Crime Stoppers program. 

Information from the public shared with Crime Stoppers Queensland has solved many crimes, and led to the seizure of drugs and property valued in the hundreds of millions. Just last year, we achieved two incredible milestones in our 29 year history: we surpassed one million contacts (calls & online) received from Queenslanders; and nearly ticked over 39,000 offenders arrested as a result of public tip-offs.

What the future holds:

This latest change in our organisation is just another part of its life cycle. The Crime Stoppers Queensland brand and program will endure, and we will continue our good work.

With YOUR continued support, the Crime Stoppers program will undoubtedly continue to make a tangible difference to the safety of our local communities.

Thank you

Crime Stoppers Queensland


Our valued Partners and Sponsors

We want to recognise the ongoing goodwill and financial support of our partners and sponsors including:

  • Brisbane Airport Corporation
  • Brisbane City Council
  • Crimsafe
  • Queensland Government
  • Queensland Racing Integrity Commission
  • Queensland Rail
  • Australian Government Department of Home Affairs
  • Port of Brisbane
  • QBank
  • Cooltone

All information shared becomes the property of Police.

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