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Every Piece of Information Helps


In 2013, Crime Stoppers Queensland capitalised on the release of a new National Logo to refresh its supporting styling artwork elements, in addition to its existing tagline of ‘A Community Volunteer Organisation’.

Featured is five coloured puzzle pieces which incorporate the words – “Every piece of information helps”.

This artwork typifies the fact that every single piece of information received by Crime Stoppers, through its anonymous communication mediums, may be just one piece of a crime puzzle.

Those pieces are forwarded by Crime Stoppers Queensland to the Queensland Police Service where Intelligence Officers and Detectives place this information together with their pieces from local knowledge, other intelligence sources, computerised records and proven investigative techniques, in order to complete puzzles and solve crimes.

Anonymous information providers may consider their detail insignificant; however their information may just be that final piece of the puzzle that is necessary to link with the other information gathered and result in an offender’s arrest.

Processing these vital anonymous puzzle pieces of information is the role that Crime Stoppers Queensland conducts in order to help deliver safer local communities across the State.

In 2007 Crime Stoppers Queensland adopted the colour maroon as its primary supporting colour because of its significance as the official colour for Queensland.

Today, the first puzzle piece of the five depicted remains maroon, yet the other colours have been adopted as representation of the diversity and inclusive nature of the role we play assisting all communities in Queensland.

The new puzzle pieces design element has been adopted across all Queensland materials and uniforms.  As the puzzle piece wording cannot be read in small embroidered artwork – the design element for some corporate items, like business shirts, does not include the wording and is represented only as an outline of the image as depicted below.


Every Piece of Information Helps

Thursday, September 26, 2013

All information shared becomes the property of Police.

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