Rail Crime

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The Queensland Government has invested in excess of $39 million in security initiatives across Queensland Rail. These initiatives have been developed and implemented for the purpose of improving personal safety and security for customers and staff across the Queensland Rail city network.

 A Queensland Rail Station 

Initiatives include:

  • Lighting upgrades on trains at Queensland Rail stations and car parks. Lighting is designed as a deterrent to criminal and antisocial behaviour through increasing visibility.
  • Surveillance cameras on trains, stations and car parks. The cameras record 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Camera footage is used in the identification and apprehension of offenders.
  • Combining a number of key security features, Core Zones are being progressively rolled out across the City network. Marked by a blue-and-white striped safety line on the platform, Core Zones are waiting areas that guarantee a number of security features such as camera surveillance, enhanced lighting and access to an emergency help phone.
  • Emergency Help Phones are installed at stations and in some car parks. By pressing the red emergency button, customers can directly access assistance in an emergency situation. 
  • Emergency Contact Buttons are also present near the doors in all City network carriages so that customers can speak to the driver or guard in the event of an incident occurring on the train.

Security patrols at stations and on trains are conducted by members of the Queensland Police Service. Patrols are also made by Authorised Officers and by Private Security Officers.

 Have you seen something - then say something! 

Queensland Rail is also a Community Supporter of Crime Stoppers in Queensland

You can help make your travel on the rail network safer, by:

  • Reporting suspicious, inappropriate or criminal behaviour in, on or around the rail network to Crime Stoppers 24 hours per day... 
    • By reporting online at www.crimestoppersqld.com.au,
    • By calling our 24/7 free-call number, 1800 333 000,
    • Or by SMS - simply send the letters "RAIL" followed by whatever information you know about a rail crime to 1800 333 000.

Remember that Crime Stoppers is an intelligence gathering service, and works with the Queensland Police Service and Queensland Rail in order to use informaiton provided to help solve and prevent crime.

If you need immediate assistance, dial Triple Zero (000)

Positive Partnerships like the one that Queensland Rail has with Crime Stoppers, helps to reduce crime on the rail network.

Do You Recognise This Person?
Passenger Information Displays


On the rail network you may recognise persons with whom the Queensland Police Service or Queensland Rail wish to speak to about an incident or matter with which they may be able to assist.

The Passenger Information Display system (PIDs) carries images similar to the  one  pictured right, from time to time.  The use of a persons image does not necessarily indicate that they are an offender - merely that Police or Rail Staff wish to speak with them about an incident that has occurred on the rail network.  The person may be a witness and may be able to provide additional information to help with an incident. During your travel - if you recognise any of these persons - we encourage you to let us know via either of our three communication mediums listed above. PIDs Sample Image


CLICK HERE to view the current persons with whom Police or Rail Staff wish to speak with.


All information shared becomes the property of Police.

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