Keeping Brisbane Safe

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More information will be added here re our new Keeping Brisbane Safe campaign launching soon.

Crime Stoppers and the Brisbane City Council are calling on local residents and businesses to join the fight against crime and help keep Brisbane a clean and safe city for our loved ones, families and friends.
Crime Stoppers and Council have been working together for six years on the ‘Tag Them Back’ and ‘Cost of Crime’ campaigns, calling for the Brisbane public to report information about graffiti and vandalism offenders in an effort to help reduce crime and identify/arrest offenders.

Following the conclusion of the first three years of the partnership, a strategic review was completed and the result was an expanded Cost of Crime – Graffiti and Vandalism campaigns. These campaigns highlighted the cost of graffiti and vandalism, expanding on the scope of the previous tag them back graffiti campaign to also include acts of wilful damage and destruction of council property.

CSQL will deliver engagement activities as part of the new Keeping Brisbane Safe campaign, with these engagements focussing on a much broader entire cost of crime message to Brisbane residents and encouraging reporting to help combat crime.
It’s about peace of mind:
• You and your family feeling safe in your community, and
• Pride in your neighbourhood.

To be a safe and liveable city by cutting crime.   Crime Stoppers Queensland and Brisbane City Council are working together to make Brisbane a safer, more liveable and beautiful city.  By reporting information on what you know about crime you play a key part in achieving this vision!
Report suspicious or criminal activity anonymously!

Your Brisbane. Your Safety. Your Call.

What can YOU  do to help solve and prevent crime?

Reporting information about crime is something everyone can do and it’s anonymous – all it takes is a phone call to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, fill in our online form, or lodge information in our mobile app.

The ‘Keeping Brisbane Safe’ campaign is a major partnership of Crime Stoppers Queensland and Brisbane City Council, to achieve the vision of a safe, liveable Brisbane.

Reporting information about crime to Crime Stoppers helps cut the cost and clean up crime. Every piece of information helps.

Download our brochure for the 2015/16 Cost of Crime Campaign - Click Here

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Darra Street Party

On Friday 14 October Crime Stoppers Queensland, in partnership with Brisbane City Council will launch the Keeping Brisbane Safe campaign at the Darra Street Party. More information will be posted here asap.



If your home or business is the victim of graffiti vandalism it is best to remove it as soon as possible. Research shows that fast removal deters vandals from reoffending, as they are denied the visibility and notoriety they desire. For tips on how to best remove graffiti vandalism from different surfaces without causing damage to your property, you can watch Brisbane City Council’s helpful video on their website.


For vandalism requiring clean-up from your suburb visit, call 3403 8888, or sms 0429 2 FIX IT (0429 234 948) with a photo, location and details.

To report information about vandalism offenders please use this form below:

Type the characters you see in the image above:

All information shared becomes the property of Police.

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