Crime in Plantation Forests

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In 2016, Crime Stoppers Queensland is continuing its Plantation Forest Safety Campaign to encourage the Queensland public to help combat illegal and destructive activity occurring within the Beerburrum Plantation Forest area.

Our plantation forests are suffering from:

  • Stolen vehicle dumping
  • Vehicle arson attacks
  • Illegal household dumping
  • Hazardous waste dumping
  • Illegal felling
  • Environmental damage
  • Unlicensed motorbike riders
  • Unlicensed drivers
  • Unregistered vehicles

Help STOP these crimes in our plantation forests today.


Fires in plantation forests are a grave threat to the safety of visitors, workers, fire response crews, neighbours and nearby communities.

Torched vehicles cause almost 60% of all wildfires in the Beerburrum plantation. Camp fires also cause forest fires and are prohibited in and beside pine plantations.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping pollutes our environment and significantly diminishes the forest experience  for visitors. It increases fire risk and contributes to soil contamination, the spread of disease, pests and weeds, and can harm people and wildlife.

It is illegal to dump household furniture, white goods and other domestic rubbish, green waste, building and renovation materials, motor vehicles, tyres and hazardous substances in the forest.

Over 75% of illegal dumping sites in the Beerburrum plantation referred for investigation resulted in fines ($1,800 for individuals), court prosecution and other compliance actions including orders for offenders to return and clean up their waste.

Unlawful Motor Vehicle Use

The same road rules that apply on public roads in Queensland also apply in the pine plantations in state forests. Drivers and motor bike riders must hold a valid driver’s license and vehicles, including motor bikes, must be registered and roadworthy. Conditionally registered and unregistered vehicles, including ATVs, are not permitted in the pine plantations.

Regulatory notices throughout the plantations also prohibit driving on unformed roads and fire tracks and driving off-road or constructing new trails isn’t permitted.

The use of vehicles on unsealed roads in extremely wet or dry conditions can cause significant damage and causes sediment to run off into waterways, which is bad for the environment. Drivers should at all times avoid mud holes and conditions that may result in them becoming bogged.

Groups of five or more vehicles, including motor bikes, traveling together in plantation forests require a permit from HQPlantations.

YOU can help fight crime...


  • Offenders or suspicious activity
  • Vehicle descriptions
  • Vehicle registrations
  • Known or suspected illegal dumping offenders

Look out for

  • People or vehicles loitering in suspect areas (vehicle regos and descriptions)
  • Multiple vehicles entering the plantation at night
  • Offenders waiting by the side of the road for another vehicle to collect them
  • Vehicles loaded with furniture, white goods, green waste, tyres or building materials entering the plantation

Don't put yourself in harms way to obtain information

By contacting Crime Stoppers you can...

  • Remain anonymous
  • Avoid retaliation
  • Avoid court/legal proceedings
  • Earn a cash reward
  • Help protect our environment
  • Help authorised recreational users of the plantation to enjoy themselves safely
  • Help neighbours of the plantation forest to live peacefully


There are three easy ways to report information... ANONYMOUSLY...

1.  Call the Hotline 1800 333 000

2.  Report Online Now CLICK HERE

3.  Download the Crime Stoppers Queensland Mobile App and report through the app

All information shared becomes the property of Police.

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