Keeping Brisbane Safe

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Crime Stoppers and Brisbane City Council join forces to combat crime


Keeping Brisbane Safe

Brisbane residents can learn more about how to keep their community safer by visiting displays promoting the Keeping Brisbane Safe community campaign.

Crime Stoppers and Brisbane City Council have joined forces to encourage residents to report crime information.

In 2016, 6111 anonymous reports were provided to Crime Stoppers from Brisbane residents, and these reports have already led to 217 offenders being arrested.

Crime Stoppers Queensland CEO Trevor O’Hara said crime inhibited the use of public amenities, negatively impacted property prices and made people feel unsafe in their communities.

“Reporting information about crime is something everyone can do and it’s anonymous,” Mr O’Hara said.

“The community witness a lot of daily activity around them and we can significantly increase community safety by reporting information to Crime Stoppers.”

“All it takes is a phone call to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, a visit to the website or by downloading the free app.”

The events, which will be held around Brisbane, will provide important and useful tips about how to help make a difference in the community by reporting crime for a safer and more liveable Brisbane.

Crime Stoppers Queensland and Brisbane City Council are working together to achieve the vision of a safe, liveable Brisbane through the ‘Keeping Brisbane Safe’ campaign.

See below for more information about the next events to be held.

Keeping Brisbane Safe

What can YOU  do to help solve and prevent crime?

Reporting information about crime is something everyone can do and it’s anonymous – all it takes is a phone call to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, fill in our online form, or lodge information in our mobile app.

The ‘Keeping Brisbane Safe’ campaign is a major partnership of Crime Stoppers Queensland and Brisbane City Council, to achieve the vision of a safe, liveable Brisbane.

Reporting information about crime to Crime Stoppers helps cut the cost and clean up crime. Every piece of information helps.

Download our flyer for the 2017 Keeping Brisbane Safe Campaign - Click Here

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Read About our Past Events Here:

Mt Gravatt Show (29-30/07/17)

What a lovely way to spend a cool and sunny weekend.  Mt Gravatt Show was well attended however at no time did it seem crowded.  Lots of individuals engaged with our team during the show and everyone who attended enjoyed the weather and the atmosphere.

Morningside Festival (30/07/2017)

What a great opportunity to meet the locals and share our Keeping Brisbane Safe message.  The weather was perfect and allowed attendees to stop and discuss how safe they feel in their suburb.  Our give-aways proved very popular.

Milton Mini Markets (10/08/2017)

It was great to be able to share the Keeping Brisbane Safe in this bustling food market.  There was a enormous interest in the importance of contributing to Keeping Brisbane Safe and for many, the gaining details for the firearms amnesty was a bonus.

EKKA (11-20/08/2017)

The Ekka was once again a terrific opportunity for our team to engage with broad sections of the community as part of our small display with in the police area. Over 400 surveys about crime were conducted during the event and lots of free merchandise was handed out to interested citizens.

Runcorn Ward Fun Day (20/08/2017)

This was the first time that the Runcorn Ward Fun Day has been held.  Despite the windy nature of the day, it was overall a beautiful, warm and sunny day and Svoda Park was a hive of activity driven by the great activities and treats organised by Cr Kim Marx.  The Cr was able to make time to speak with Crime Stoppers and expressed her appreciation for the Keeping Brisbane Safe joint initiative between Brisbane City Council and Crime Stoppers Queensland. There were a large number of people spoken to regarding the initiative and all were very interested. 

Microchipping Paddington (09/09/2017)

In a leafy park in Paddington, we attended a microchipping event. It was a beautiful day and while there were not the massive crowds we were used to, we were able to invest quality time sharing the importance of Keeping Brisbane Safe. There were many questions asked and answered and the understanding of those attending markedly increased due to the more time available to engage.

Emergency & Community Services Expo Shorncliffe (10/09/2017)

With an estimated 2,000 people in attendance the Crime Stoppers Volunteers were hopping around to speak with and survey the 200 people that they managed to catch.  As people at this event were there primarily to learn about safety on many levels, Crime Stoppers was a great support and source of information for many.

Carindale Green Heart Fair (10/09/2017)

After the huge numbers of people who attended our stand at the Green Heart Fair in Chermside, we were excited to attend another in Carindale.  It did not disappoint.  There were around 1,000 people and our volunteers were able to engage around 150 directly.  People were also very interested in learning about the natioanl firearms amnesty.

Nundah Village Festival (10/09/2017)

A busy weekend and Nundah capped it off.  There were several thousand people in attendance and were often lined up 3 deep at the Crime Stoppers stand.  People were cruising and happy to invest the time in learning more about keeping Brisbane safe, how the Council cares and how individuals can all support the police by calling Crime Stoppers with information.

Eagle Farm Markets (24/09/2017)

For anyone who has not visited the Eagle Farm Markets at Eagle Farm or at the new venue, Doomben Racecourse, you really must.  The variety of stalls, food and information is amazing.  Crime Stoppers was there on 24 September and we just loved the people and their community spirit and learning from Cr McLachlan the importance of safety in the Ward to him.  A great venue and day all around.

Ferny Grove Festival (07/10/2017)

The weather may have been damp, but that did not stop around 500 people visiting the Festival.  Cr Toomey commented on the great enthusiasm of those visiting.  With many rides and more stalls than you would imagine it was great.  Even the food tents covered ½ of the school playing fields.  A great day.

Darra Street Party (13/10/2017)

Although the weather threatened, this did not stop people attending this exciting annual event.  The large numbers of excellent food stalls coupled with many stalls providing a wide range of interesting information always guarantees success. The night was cool and people were keen to learn about the many successes of Crime Stoppers in the Centenary region.

Mandalay Jaranda Festival (21/10/2017)

The weather forced the cancellation of this wonderful event and there were many disappointed children.  We too were unhappy as we could not share our important message.  However, another event will be scheduled to replace this and you will be advised asap!

Halloween on Blackwood (29/10/2017)

This was an outstanding event and even the Councillors and Members of Parliament dressed up!  There were huge numbers of people, at least a third in costume, who all had time to chat and learn about Keeping Brisbane Safe. A truly fun night despite  a heavy rain shower!  Even that did not seem to dampen the spirits of those attending.

Sherwood Festival (10/11/2017)

The weather may have challenged those wanting to attend but it certainly did not stop the 7000 or so who attended.  This popular annual event was another great success for sharing the importance of Keeping Brisbane Safe.



Microchipping Ferny Grove (18/11/2017)

Microchipping Tarragindi (25/11/2017)



Darra Street Party (14/10/2016)

Crime Stoppers Queensland, in partnership with Brisbane City Councillor Matthew Bourke (Chair of Lifestyle Division) launched the Keeping Brisbane Safe campaign at the Darra Street Party. 

Manly Farmers Markets (18/02/2017)

Our day at the Manly Farmers Markets was great.  Four volunteers spoke with over a hundred residents on a range of issues. It was wonderful to be amongst the huge range of vendors and right on the water! We were joined by Brisbane City Council Councillor Peter Cumming on this lovely day who shared a little of the local history with us and spoke with several locals.

Mt Gravatt Markets (19/02/2017)

Mt Gravatt Market is a bustling and busy place.  The shade cloth covering made the day a little cooler and the massive number of people were so interesting to speak with, given the cultural mix who attended. Brisbane City Councillor Krista Adams generously visited our site and spent time speaking with residents and familiarising Crime Stoppers with the local issues.

Westfield Garden City (22/02/2017)

Lunchtime in Westfield Garden City is guaranteed to be busy.  It was just as well we only had six survey questions as people hurried to and from lunch.  It was heartening that the majority of shoppers genuinely wanted to contribute to the Keeping Brisbane Safe campaign through sharing their experiences. It was a delight to have Brisbane City Councillor Steven Huang stop by.  We spoke at length of the cultural situation and hope in future to work together to educate his communities more about Crime Stoppers.

The Gap Farmers Market (26/02/2017)

The Gap Farmers Market is a delightful boutique market catering to families and pets with many children engaged in their sporting competition alongside. Brisbane City Councillor Toomey actually participated in working with residents to complete our survey questions.  Well done Councillor and thanks.

Queen Street Farmers Markets (01/03/2017)

The Queen Street Markets was a lunchtime treat.  So many tasty and enticing scents and aromas.  It was great to again, meet the culturally diverse community members and hear their thoughts about the Keeping Brisbane Safe initiative. We were visited by Brisbane City Councillor Vicki Howard.  Cr Howard is a friend of ours because she so generously gives of her time to support Crime Stoppers. 

Police Beat Gabba Village (08/03/2017)

What an interesting little place the Gabba Village is.  It is great to see the renewal of many of the old buildings and new edgy cafes and restaurants.  The local individuals welcomed the Keeping Brisbane Safe initiative as an excellent intervention.  While many of the street people have moved on, the proximity to transport does encourage a few.  The local Beat Police were so good to us and we were very grateful.

Everton Park Microchip Event (11/03/2017)

It was great to see the families bringing their pets to be microchipped on such a beautiful day. Crime Stoppers supplied a face painter for the children and she was greeted with delight. For those waiting in line to get their pets microchipped, completion of the survey was a pleasant distraction for many.

Milton Markets (16/03/2017)

Wow, this was a sensational day.  The wonderful array of interesting food and huge numbers of people purchasing lunch allowed us to share our messages widely. It was wonderful to welcome Cr Matic who obviously cares deeply about the welfare of those in his Ward and we were happy to discuss several issues with him where Crime Stoppers and the community could work more collaboratively with his office and Council.

Kuraby Farmers Markets (18/03/2017)

Kuraby is one market you really need to see.  Great food as well as vegetable stalld. Tasty indeed. The community members were friendly, stallholders helpful and the charming Cr Marx is very caring and supportive of those in her Ward.  The Crime Stoppers mobile phone silicone card holders, coloured pencils and magnetic notebooks were so popular, we were nearly cleaned out!

Morningside Central Shopping Centre (22/03/2017)

Morningside was different for Crime Stoppers this time.  We had 5 volunteers and it was a quiet day but that was so good because it allowed the volunteers to spend quality time with the locals to hear their thoughts and concerns. Cr Shayne Sutton was welcomed and contributed to the interview process generously.

Sinnamon Park Microchip Event (25/03/2017)

Sinnamon Park was a very worthwhile day for the community. Volunteers numbers were high, which allowed us to really engage with community members and hear their thoughts about local community safety.  Cr Matthew Bourke visited us the display despite a very heavy schedule that day, and was able to participate in a few surveys as well as general chats with the local residents.

Fairfield Gardens Shopping Centre (05/04/2017)

It was a busy day in Fairfield Gardens with Cr Johnston. There were a number of people who shared their feelings and the mood was lightened by the children completing Easter projects nearby.  It was great to hear of the importance of community involvement in the ‘Keeping Brisbane Safe’ initiative to Cr Johnston.

Lone Pine Farmers Market Fig Tree Pocket (07/04/2017)

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary really rocks on a Saturday night at their markets.  Many people attended and Crime Stoppers was able to connect with locals from around the city.

Eagle Farm Markets (09/04/2017)

Eagle Farms Markets are a busting energetic Sunday Markets and attract a large crowd from across the city.  People were genuinely interested to hear about the Brisbane City Council’s concern for the safety of its residents and applauded the joint initiative.

Inala Plaza (19/04/2017)

Inala Plaza was a bustling place with a lot happening.  We were delighted to meet Cr Strunk who was generous in his sharing of demographic information and introducing us to several local residents.  A great and interesting day.

Nundah Markets (23/04/2017)

What a lovely way to spend a cool and sunny Sunday.  Nundah markets was a great atmosphere because there were lots of people but at no time did it feel crowded.  This assisted Crime Stoppers to engage more deeply with a larger number of individuals. Cr Adam Allan also assisted on the day and spoke with several residents.

Stones Corner Festival (30/04/2017)

This was an excellent opportunity to meet the locals and share our Keeping Brisbane Safe message.  The weather was perfect and allowed attendees to stop and discuss how safe they feel in their suburb.  Our give-aways with the contact number proved very popular. This festival drew an exciting large crowd.

Brookside Shopping Centre Display (03/05/2017)

This was a very worthwhile shopping centre experience.  Lots of people who were keen to be involved and engage with our team to learn about how Crime Stoppers is making such a difference with their assistance.  Councillor Wines was very supportive and spent a great deal of his time speaking directly with his constituents about this partnership initiative.

Brookfield Markets (06/05/2017)

People were delighted to meet and speak with Cr Kate Richards and were very interested in hearing how the Keeping Brisbane Safe initiative works and were keen to take anything with the Crime Stoppers number on it home with them including pens, notepads, magnets and even doggie bag dispensers!

Community Safe Day Calamvale (07/05/2017)

This was the first Calamvale Safe Day and highlighted community and personal safety from many different perspectives therefore catering to a large cross section of the community. Cr Owens and her team did an amazing job coordinating and running the day and we were pleased to participate along with all of the other organisations.

Backyard Bonanza Bracken Ridge (28/05/2017)

There were a huge number of individuals who all wanted to know about Crime Stoppers and the Keeping Brisbane Safe initiativeWe were honoured by the visit of Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and the local Councillor Amanda Cooper to the display and their assistance in promoting the message to local residents and participants of the bonanza.

Carindale Car Boot Markets (03/06/2017)

This was a highly successful little market with high attendance of individuals with wide-ranging experience only too happy to share their stories and information. Our team engaged with more than it was possible to survey and the main interest was in the BCC caring about each residents safety.

Green Heart Fair Chermside (04/06/2017)

A huge number of individuals were engaged and interested during the course of this day.  All collateral was swiftly taken by the hundreds of locals present.  A very interested and enthusiastic crowd interested in learning about the BCC initiative.

Deagon Railway Station (07/06/2017)

It was feeling a little cool this morning however we managed to catch up with almost everyone catching the train to work or other activities from this station today and were pleased to have Councillor Jared Cassidy and Councillor Stirling Hinchcliffe also in attendance to engage with the local residents.

Cannon Hill Railway Station (08/06/2017)

It was another beautiful yet brisk morning in the great south east of Queensland. Our capital was feeling fresh, green and vibrant as our team welcomed commuters to the Cannon Hill Railway Station on this morning with information about how they can help Keep Brisbane Safe through our partnership with the Brisbane City Council as well as report information on the rail network to help keep their travel experience safe and enjoyable.


Keeping Brisbane Safe


If your home or business is the victim of graffiti vandalism it is best to remove it as soon as possible. Research shows that fast removal deters vandals from reoffending, as they are denied the visibility and notoriety they desire. For tips on how to best remove graffiti vandalism from different surfaces without causing damage to your property, you can watch Brisbane City Council’s helpful video on their website.


For vandalism requiring clean-up from your suburb visit, call 3403 8888, or sms 0429 2 FIX IT (0429 234 948) with a photo, location and details.

To report information about vandalism offenders please use this form below:

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