Brisbane, a Safe Place to Live, Work and Play

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Crime Stoppers and Brisbane City Council combat crime together


Brisbane, a safe place to live, work and play

Brisbane residents can learn more about how to keep their community safer by visiting displays promoting the Brisbane, a Safe Place to Live, Work and Play community campaign.

Crime Stoppers and Brisbane City Council encourage residents to report crime information.

In the twelve months ending February, 2020 the reports to Crime Stoppers from Brisbane residents and visitors resulted in 358 arrests and 1,278 charges.  With a renewed focus from the current Queensland Police Commissioner on reducing crime, the time is now to save Crime Stoppers Queensland's number into your phone and report what you know.

Crime Stoppers Queensland State Manager, Carmen Jenkinson encourages residents and visitors alike to be responsible for keeping our city safe.

“As residents of Brisbane we have a responsibility for community safety," Mrs Jenkinson said.

"Reporting crime is easy via Crime Stoppers, either by phone or online."

“The community witness a lot of daily activity around them and we can significantly increase community safety by reporting information to Crime Stoppers.”

“All it takes is a phone call to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, a visit to the website”

The events, which will be held around Brisbane, will provide important and useful tips about how to help make a difference in the community by reporting crime for a safer and more liveable Brisbane.

Crime Stoppers Queensland and Brisbane City Council are working together to achieve the vision of a safe, liveable Brisbane through the ‘'Brisbane, a Safe Place to Live, Work and Play' campaign.

See below for more information about the next events to be held.

What can YOU  do to help solve and prevent crime?

Reporting information about crime is something everyone can do and it’s anonymous – all it takes is a phone call to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, fill in our online form.

The ‘Brisbane, a Safe Place to Live, Work and Play’ campaign is a major partnership of Crime Stoppers Queensland and Brisbane City Council, to achieve the vision of a safe, liveable Brisbane.

Reporting information about crime to Crime Stoppers helps cut the cost and clean up crime. Every piece of information helps.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Read About our Past Events Here:

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Musgrave Park Community Engagement (03/03/2019)

It may have rained, but it did not stop us meeting over 200 of the locals and sharing our message. There were many ladies through after the Breast Cancer Fundraising walk and many were relieved to hear that it was business as usual at Crime Stoppers and the community still had somewhere to report as part of the Keeping Brisbane Safe campaign.

Vietnamese Lunar Festival (25/01/2019)

This is always such a well-received and populated event and this year was no exception.  Everyone was there, the Premier, Lord  Mayor,Graham Quirk  and Cr Charles Strunk. The gusty winds did nothing to deter the crowds and people were glad to provide information to Council on how they perceived safety in their suburb.

Sirianni Oriel Park Christmas Carols (14/12/2018)

Even a threatening potential weather event could not keep the droves of people and Cr David McLachlan away from this delightful event. A little windy but that just seemed to give more energy to the children as the performers provided great entertainment.  A great opportunity for Crime Stoppers to engage with the local community in this wonderful setting.

Commissioner's Christmas Carols (04-06/12/2018)

What a popular event this was with not only locals but many tourists sharing in the great musical performance by members of our Police and Emergency Services.  The musical skills were matched only by the appreciation and enjoyment of the crowd.  The Councillor, Vicki Howard was appreciative of the event and our attendance at it to promote the Keeping Brisbane Safe partnership.

Calamvale Christmas in the Park (01/12/2018)

In this very diverse Ward, Christmas was certainly celebrated by all at this event.  If it was not the Christmas celebration, it was a celebration of community and sharing.  The venue was packed and excited children and parents from all over the world enjoyed the beautiful evening. Cr Owen seemed to be everywhere at once ensuring that all those in attendance had a wonderful time filled with Christmas spirit and caring.

Paddington Christmas Markets (30/11/2018)

It was a beautiful evening shared by many at the Paddington Christmas Markets.  We had not been before but the genuine interest of those attending will ensure our return.  Cr Peter Matic attended and met locals. Cr Matic discussed the tremendous value of this partnership and community engagement between Brisbane City Council and Crime Stoppers.

Sherwood Community Festival (09/11/2018)

Once again Sherwood Street was packed with families for the Sherwood Community Festival.  It was a beautiful night and the rides, exotic food and fun drew people happily to stroll and linger at this wonderful event.  They were all happy to share their impressions of how safe they felt in their suburbs and even happier to learn more about the Crime Stoppers and Council contribution.

Bonner Senior Expo (08/11/2018)

There is no doubt that this is a much-loved and beneficial event for the Seniors because we were overwhelmed with the interest during the day.  The stalls covered all aspects of interest to Seniors and of course Crime Stoppers was a major interest for many who actually do sit in their homes and watch the neighbourhood for much of their time.  They were mostly relieved to know that someone actually wanted to hear when something suspicious happened thanks to our unique partnership and this Keeping Brisbane safe campaign.

Halloween on Blackwood (28/10/2018)

Every year there seems to be more people and children attending this stunning event.  Sunny and warm, everyone dressed up and all had a great time.  Even Cr Wines (dressed as Geppetto) was a hit.  The band, displays and general fun all contributed to a great day sharing our message and demonstrates our wonderful activities like this can be conducted safely in Brisbane for our enjoyment.

Ferny Grove Festival (20/10/2018)

Ferny Grove Festival was packed and is still growing.  This year more rides, more food, more fireworks and no rain and therefore more people! Many commented on how safe they actually feel in this area and many were also impressed with the almost complete lack of graffiti.  Testament to the additional reporting taking place over the year.

Darra Street Festival (12/10/2018)

Many people braved the torrential rain to enjoy this wonderful annual event.  We were visited by the local councillor, Matthew Bourke and Lord Mayor Graham Quirk.  It might have been wet, but it was so interesting to hear how much safer people were feeling in and around Jamboree Ward.

Green Heart Fair (09/09/2018)

The day started off warm and sunny and built to very windy day with our Marquee not fairing well.  Regardless, people came to see us in droves and loved the idea of contributing to their own neighbourhood safety by anonymously reporting suspicious activity to Crime Stoppers.

Nundah Festival (09/09/2018)

Nundah Festival always draws huge crowds and this one was no exception. With the magnitude of events, it was pleasing that we were constantly engaged with locals wanting to learn more about our Keeping Brisbane safe partnership.

Runcorn Family Fun Day (12/08/2018)

It was a wild and windy day but sunny and warm.  The locals turned out in droves to this popular event.  We were honoured by a visit from Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and Councillor Kim Marx and enjoyed sharing the good news about Keeping Brisbane Safe with several hundred community members.

Morningside Festival (29/07/2018)

This is our third year at this wonderful and thriving Festival.  Every year it grows and we have the opportunity to share our messages of Brisbane City Councils support for the safety of its residents and how to report suspicious activity to enhance personal safety.

Indigo Fair, Indooroopilly (28/07/2018)

The Indigo Fair held at Indooroopilly State School was a resounding success.  We were able to share our messages about the Keeping Brisbane Safe campaign, Brisbane City Council requirements for greater understanding of where locals felt safe and how that could be improved and how to report suspicious activities to enhance their personal safety.  A great Fair and rewarding day.

Jamboree Ward Pet Fair (28/07/2018)

There is no better way to spend a beautiful day than attending the Pet Fair held at Jamboree Heights.  There were so many dogs and people and we were honoured by the presence of Cr Matthew Bourke, Cr for Jamboree Ward. So many were delighted that Brisbane City Council cared enough to seek their opinions on how they gauged their safety in the suburb where they lived and were grateful to learn how they can help by reporting suspicious activity.


Paws on Patrol, Woolcock Park Red Hill (03/06/2018)

Over 500 attended this great event and most had their dogs and children.  There were obedience training sessions, grooming sessions and Crime Stoppers Queensland were there as well to provide information on keeping your pet, and family safe as part of our partnership with Council.  There was great interest in the fact the local councillors were actually interested in what the locals thought.

Green Heart Fair Chermside (03/06/2018)

This is a major event on everyone’s calendar.  Over 5,000 attended and all were actively there to learn about how they can save the planet and how they can protect themselves.  Crime Stoppers Queensland volunteers were run-off-their feet responding to the desire for information.  A wonderful event for families and Council.

Bracken Ridge Backyard Bonanza (27/05/2018)

The event is so popular in its area, that from the opening, our stand was inundated – just as well we had lots of volunteers from the Brisbane Metro North Volunteer Area Committee there to engage with the public! A splendid event and valuable day even in the showers!

Acacia Ridge Party in the Park (26/05/2018)

Once again this was a splendid and well-attended event.  While rain threatened, it held off until after the Party finished.  There were so many new Australians happy to learn that they could contribute to their own safety.  A lovely day with many great new friends for Crime Stoppers and Brisbane City Council.

Calamvale Park Naming (20/05/2018)

Have you ever been to a Park Naming? Either had we, but this one was great.  The weather was beautiful and the park was well populated with many community groups sharing their news and information. It was great to be with so many like-minded individuals and the locals spoken with really appreciated what Crime Stoppers shared because they were so community minded and keen to learn about our partnership with Council to keep Brisbane residents safe.  

Brookfield Show (19-20/05/2018)

Brookfield Show takes the city to the country literally.  This action-packed show with country interests is always so well attended and enjoyed by locals and others. We spoke with many locals and emphasised how much their Councillor and Council cared about their safety. A wonderful day for the whole family.

Stones Corner Festival, Stones Corner (06/05/2018)

Once again our trip to this fabulous little market was so productive.  Everyone loves how the Brisbane City Council is working so hard to keep them safe and using Crime Stoppers as the vehicle is considered a wise investment.  So many happy people and such a great ability to share.  You must not miss next year!

Everton Easter Egg Hunt (25/03/2018)

With over 2000 children and even more chocolate, this day was always going to be outstanding.  Crime Stoppers was able to share the story of the Brisbane City Council and Crime Stoppers message about Keeping Brisbane Safe with interested attendees.

African and Cannon Hill Neighbour Day (25/03/2018)

Despite a few sprinkles of rain, many people were so pleased to hear our message and complete the survey regarding how safe they felt in their suburb. It was truly wonderful to be able to speak directly with so many of our new African Australians. 

Multicultural Taste of the World (10/03/18)

This was a wild and woolly day with rain and wind.  Sadly there were few who would brave the elements but we were able to conduct good discussions with those sheltering in our marquee about Keeping Brisbane Safe.

Manly Farmers Market (17/02/18)

It was a lovely day to spend at the waterside speaking to locals and visitors.  The weather was perfect, maybe a little warm but you hardly noticed with the breeze.  As usual in the Bayside, people were so eager to learn about how the Council and Crime Stoppers work together to enhance the safety of their suburb.

Vietnamese Lunar Festival (09-10/02/18)

Crime Stoppers has not attended this Festival before but can’t not recommend it enough. An interesting mix of cultures, music, food, fireworks and dragons makes it a fun and memorable family outing.  Even though there were several heavy showers on Saturday, it did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of those attending. Cr Strunk was resplendent in traditional Vietnamese robes and keen to learn of the availability of Vietnamese translators on Tuesdays at our contact centre.


2017 (Newest at bottom)

Mt Gravatt Show (29-30/07/17)

What a lovely way to spend a cool and sunny weekend.  Mt Gravatt Show was well attended however at no time did it seem crowded.  Lots of individuals engaged with our team during the show and everyone who attended enjoyed the weather and the atmosphere.

Morningside Festival (30/07/2017)

What a great opportunity to meet the locals and share our Keeping Brisbane Safe message.  The weather was perfect and allowed attendees to stop and discuss how safe they feel in their suburb.  Our give-aways proved very popular.

Milton Mini Markets (10/08/2017)

It was great to be able to share the Keeping Brisbane Safe in this bustling food market.  There was a enormous interest in the importance of contributing to Keeping Brisbane Safe and for many, the gaining details for the firearms amnesty was a bonus.

EKKA (11-20/08/2017)

The Ekka was once again a terrific opportunity for our team to engage with broad sections of the community as part of our small display with in the police area. Over 400 surveys about crime were conducted during the event and lots of free merchandise was handed out to interested citizens.

Runcorn Ward Fun Day (20/08/2017)

This was the first time that the Runcorn Ward Fun Day has been held.  Despite the windy nature of the day, it was overall a beautiful, warm and sunny day and Svoda Park was a hive of activity driven by the great activities and treats organised by Cr Kim Marx.  The Cr was able to make time to speak with Crime Stoppers and expressed her appreciation for the Keeping Brisbane Safe joint initiative between Brisbane City Council and Crime Stoppers Queensland. There were a large number of people spoken to regarding the initiative and all were very interested. 

Microchipping Paddington (09/09/2017)

In a leafy park in Paddington, we attended a microchipping event. It was a beautiful day and while there were not the massive crowds we were used to, we were able to invest quality time sharing the importance of Keeping Brisbane Safe. There were many questions asked and answered and the understanding of those attending markedly increased due to the more time available to engage.

Emergency & Community Services Expo Shorncliffe (10/09/2017)

With an estimated 2,000 people in attendance the Crime Stoppers Volunteers were hopping around to speak with and survey the 200 people that they managed to catch.  As people at this event were there primarily to learn about safety on many levels, Crime Stoppers was a great support and source of information for many.

Carindale Green Heart Fair (10/09/2017)

After the huge numbers of people who attended our stand at the Green Heart Fair in Chermside, we were excited to attend another in Carindale.  It did not disappoint.  There were around 1,000 people and our volunteers were able to engage around 150 directly.  People were also very interested in learning about the natioanl firearms amnesty.

Nundah Village Festival (10/09/2017)

A busy weekend and Nundah capped it off.  There were several thousand people in attendance and were often lined up 3 deep at the Crime Stoppers stand.  People were cruising and happy to invest the time in learning more about keeping Brisbane safe, how the Council cares and how individuals can all support the police by calling Crime Stoppers with information.

Eagle Farm Markets (24/09/2017)

For anyone who has not visited the Eagle Farm Markets at Eagle Farm or at the new venue, Doomben Racecourse, you really must.  The variety of stalls, food and information is amazing.  Crime Stoppers was there on 24 September and we just loved the people and their community spirit and learning from Cr McLachlan the importance of safety in the Ward to him.  A great venue and day all around.

Ferny Grove Festival (07/10/2017)

The weather may have been damp, but that did not stop around 500 people visiting the Festival.  Cr Toomey commented on the great enthusiasm of those visiting.  With many rides and more stalls than you would imagine it was great.  Even the food tents covered ½ of the school playing fields.  A great day.

Darra Street Party (13/10/2017)

Although the weather threatened, this did not stop people attending this exciting annual event.  The large numbers of excellent food stalls coupled with many stalls providing a wide range of interesting information always guarantees success. The night was cool and people were keen to learn about the many successes of Crime Stoppers in the Centenary region.

Mandalay Jaranda Festival (21/10/2017)

The weather forced the cancellation of this wonderful event and there were many disappointed children.  We too were unhappy as we could not share our important message.  However, another event will be scheduled to replace this and you will be advised asap!

Halloween on Blackwood (29/10/2017)

This was an outstanding event and even the Councillors and Members of Parliament dressed up!  There were huge numbers of people, at least a third in costume, who all had time to chat and learn about Keeping Brisbane Safe. A truly fun night despite  a heavy rain shower!  Even that did not seem to dampen the spirits of those attending.

Sherwood Festival (10/11/2017)

The weather may have challenged those wanting to attend but it certainly did not stop the 7000 or so who attended.  This popular annual event was another great success for sharing the importance of Keeping Brisbane Safe.

Tarragindi Microchipping (25/11/2017)

This was a lovely sunny day and there were many who were bringing their precious pets in to be microchipped. As the activity reflected on the community values of those attending, our Keeping Brisbane Safe message was of great interest.

Pets at the Gabba (25/11/2017)

Crime Stoppers has not attended the Pets at the Gabba event before and it was a very interesting occasion. While we competed for an audience with both the Ashes and the State Election, we were able to share our important message with a number of interested individuals.

Keeping Brisbane Safe


If your home or business is the victim of graffiti vandalism it is best to remove it as soon as possible. Research shows that fast removal deters vandals from reoffending, as they are denied the visibility and notoriety they desire. For tips on how to best remove graffiti vandalism from different surfaces without causing damage to your property, you can watch Brisbane City Council’s helpful video on their website.



Microchipping Ferny Grove (18/11/2017)

Microchipping Tarragindi (25/11/2017)



For vandalism requiring clean-up from your suburb visit, call 3403 8888, or sms 0429 2 FIX IT (0429 234 948) with a photo, location and details.

To report information about vandalism offenders please use the maroon Report Crime Information Now link in header image above.

All information shared becomes the property of Police.

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