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Welcome to the volunteering web pages for Schoolies Support Team Volunteers associated with the Gold Coast Schoolies Community Safety Response!

Each year the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women and many Government and community agencies participate in the Safety Response in order to help Year 12 school leavers safely celebrate their end to formal youth education. In November of each year, following the closure of Year 12 within the Queensland education system, thousands of school leavers descend on the Gold Coast and in particular Surfers Paradise. As a result, the Queensland Government coordinates the Safer Schoolies Initiative.

The Safety Response

As part of that initiative and the Safety Response, Volunteers participate through several community organisations or through a specific pool of Volunteers recruited each year for the Schoolies Support Team. This website provides specific information for those wishing to learn about Volunteering at the Safety Response and all of the conditions, training and details associated with that opportunity. Please review the website pages and if you have any further questions - don't hesitate to Contact Us. Volunteering at Gold Coast Schoolies with the Support Team is great fun!  It can also help to keep you fit as our Volunteers can walk up to 15km in one shift.  But they get to complete that work in the beautiful setting of Surfers Paradise!

About GCS

The Safer Schoolies Initiative aims to enhance the safety of school leavers participating in end-of-school celebrations and the communities that host these celebrations. The combination of inexperience, lack of supervision and excessive consumption of alcohol has, in the past, led to incidents of anti-social behaviour that has disturbed residents and placed young people at risk of harm. 

By facilitating the provision of support services and alternative activities to alcohol consumption, the Safer Schoolies Initiative helps to reduce the occurrence of these incidents and enhance community safety.

Queensland is an inclusive and diverse society that supports, values and recognises the unique contributions of Volunteers to communities throughout the State. The Queensland Government values the Volunteers who donate their time to making Schoolies safer and acknowledges the important role they play in this regard.

Volunteers and employees working with Schoolies need to act with integrity and accountability, and demonstrate their capacity and maturity to support young people in this demanding environment.

Schoolies Support Team Volunteers and Crime Stoppers employees contribute to the safety and wellbeing of young people celebrating the completion of their schooling. A range of services operate as part of the Gold Coast Schoolies Community Safety Response including:

  • Schoolies Headquarters
  • Schoolies Hub
  • Wristband Distribution Centre
  • Recharge Zones
  • Chill Out Zone, and
  • Ambulance Treatment Centre.


Schoolies Headquarters is located at:

  • Level 2,  2 Elkhorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise and will operate 24 hours from 6am Saturday 17 November to 7am Saturday 24 November, 2018.


The Schoolies Hub will:

  • Operate from 7pm to 12am Saturday 17 November to Friday 23 November 2018.
  • *Closing times may vary depending on safety assessments of the Surfers Paradise precinct.


The Wristband Distribution Centre (WDC) is:

  • Car Park, Cypress Avenue, Surfers Paradise.
  • Open for collection of wristbands by legitimate Year 12 school leavers with Year 12, 2018 identification.
  • Saturday 17 November 11am to 8pm, Sunday 18 to Friday 23 November 6pm to 8pm.


More information about Schoolies across Queensland can be obtained from the Queensland Government website at

Use the menu to the right - Also in this section - to access the other SST pages of this website.

Monday, August 13, 2018
For direct assistance from Crime Stoppers Queensland Limited Administration Personnel regarding Volunteering with the Schoolies Support Team at the Gold Coast Schoolies Community Safety Response - please contact our State Office Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm on 1300 309 355 or email to schoolies @

All information shared becomes the property of Police.

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